DSI-Date Scene Investigation: The Diagnostic Manual of Dating Disorders

By Richard Spears (Author)

Ian Kerner, the author of the much acclaimed ”She Comes First” and the ”New York Times” extended list bestseller ”Be …

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Ian Kerner, the author of the much acclaimed ''She Comes First'' and the ''New York Times'' extended list bestseller ''Be Honest-You're Not That Into Him Either'', and his team of experts investigate dating dilemmas to equip you with the skills you need so you're never again a dating victim. Are your friends tired of hearing about your constant dating dramas? Do you no longer trust your own judgment? Have you been asking the delivery guy for relationship tips? It's time to turn to Dr. Ian Kerner and his valiant team of experts for advice. Kerner, a sex therapist and relationship expert, analyzes dating DNA to solve the biggest relationship mysteries. To get the job done, Kerner consults with a network of professionals, from body-language experts who can read an entire relationship in a single gesture to private investigators who have caught cheaters red-handed. While every relationship is unique, the dating dilemmas Kerner describes are universal. If you've ever felt like a dating victim, this book is for you. From the first date to the first kiss to first sex to (hopefully) a marriage proposal, Kerner and his team will help you diagnose every step of the dating process. In this collection of Team DSI's greatest hits, you'll learn the skills you need for navigating dating, mating, relating, and everything in between. In each dating investigation, you'll get the real stories of dating victims and meet the people who broke their hearts. Team DSI also pulls celebrity relationship issues straight from the headlines and dissects them. Next, the field of experts conduct some good old-fashioned fieldwork to show you the evidence and use it to give you a conclusive analysis. Finally, they'll provide you with a comprehensive diagnostic quiz so you know just where you stand in your relationship.

Language: english
ISBN 10: 0060881119
ISBN 13: 9780061171710
Year: 2006
Pages: 261
File Type: PDF

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