Sugar Trading Manual – Jonathan Kingsman

By Jonathan Kingsman (Author)

Sugar Trading Manual (STM) has become the leading information source for the sugar market. It has been compiled from the …

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Sugar Trading Manual (STM) has become the leading information source for the sugar market. It has been compiled from the contributions of some of the most senior and widely respected figures in the international sugar trade. STM will be invaluable for training purposes and for all those needing comprehensive information on the day-to-day workings of this complex international business. FEATURES: History - discovery to present day. The Trade - current picture, costs of production, alternative sweeteners, and fuel ethanol. Physicals - price, freight, statistical analysis, the SAL and the RSAL, supervision, and quality. Futures and Options - futures and options, exchanges, and technical trading. Administration and Management - risk management, payments and documents, accounting, finance and banking. Regional markets - EU, USA, and the Former Soviet Union (FSU).The manual is divided into seven complementary parts. The first deals with the history of sugar and discusses the political nature of the commodity and how world trade has developed. The second explores the background of the sugar trade with chapters on current trade flows, costs of production, ethanol and alternative sweeteners. The third looks at the heart of the physical trade with an examination of all the components that go into making the price of sugar. It also deals with the workings of The Sugar Association of London and The Refined Sugar Association, how to set up a model for statistical analysis and the role of cargo supervisor. The fourth examines the detail of the workings of the futures market and the actors involved. The fifth deals with administration and management, covering risk management, payments, banking and accounting. The sixth examines government intervention and the place in the sugar trade of regional trading groups. Finally, the Appendices contain the ‘tool box’ for the sugar trade with examples of standard physical contracts and the rules of the New York and London futures exchanges.

Language: english
ISBN 10: 1855734575
ISBN 13: 9781855734579
Year: 2000
Pages: 754 / 742
File Type: PDF

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