The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics

By Xiaolan Qiu (Author)

Featuring updates, revisions, and new essays from various scholars within the Christian tradition, The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics, Second …

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Featuring updates, revisions, and new essays from various scholars within the Christian tradition, The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics, Second Edition reveals how Christian worship is the force that shapes the moral life of Christians.Features new essays on class, race, disability, gender, peace, and the virtuesIncludes a number of revised essays and a range of new authorsThe innovative and influential approach organizes ethical themes around the shape of Christian worshipThe original edition is the most successful to-date in the Companions to Religion seriesContent: Chapter 1 Christian Ethics as Informed Prayer (pages 1–12): Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel WellsChapter 2 The Gift of the Church and the Gifts God Gives It (pages 13–27): Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel WellsChapter 3 Why Christian Ethics Was Invented (pages 28–38): Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel WellsChapter 4 How the Church Managed before There Was Ethics (pages 39–51): Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel WellsChapter 5 Gathering: Worship, Imagination, and Formation (pages 53–69): Philip KennesonChapter 6 Greeting: Beyond Racial Reconciliation (pages 70–83): Emmanuel KatongoleChapter 7 Naming the Risen Lord: Embodied Discipleship and Masculinity (pages 84–96): Amy Laura HallChapter 8 Being Reconciled: Penitence, Punishment, and Worship (pages 97–111): John BerkmanChapter 9 Praising in Song: Beauty and the Arts (pages 112–123): Kevin J. VanhoozerChapter 10 Collecting Praise: Global Culture Industries (pages 124–138): Michael L. BuddeChapter 11 Praise: The Prophetic Public Presence of the Mentally Disabled (pages 139–151): Brian BrockChapter 12 Reading the Scriptures: Rehearsing Identity, Practicing Character (pages 153–169): Jim FodorChapter 13 Listening: Authority and Obedience (pages 170–183): Scott Bader?SayeChapter 14 Proclaiming: Naming and Describing (pages 184–196): Charles PinchesChapter 15 Deliberating: Justice and Liberation (pages 197–210): Daniel M. BellChapter 16 Discerning: Politics and Reconciliation (pages 211–223): William T. CavanaughChapter 17 Confessing the Faith: Reasoning in Tradition (pages 224–236): Nicholas AdamsChapter 18 Interceding: Poverty and Prayer (pages 237–250): Kelly S. JohnsonChapter 19 Interceding: Giving Grief to Management (pages 251–263): Michael HanbyChapter 20 Interceding: Standing, Kneeling, and Gender (pages 264–276): Lauren F. WinnerChapter 21 Being Baptized: Race (pages 277–289): Willie JenningsChapter 22 Being Baptized: Bodies and Abortion (pages 290–302): Frederick Christian BauerschmidtChapter 23 Becoming One Body: Health Care and Cloning (pages 303–315): M. Therese LysaughtChapter 24 Becoming One Flesh: Marriage, Remarriage, and Sex (pages 316–328): David Matzko McCarthyChapter 25 Sharing Peace: Class, Hierarchy, and Christian Social Order (pages 329–343): Luke BrethertonChapter 26 Sharing Peace: Discipline and Trust (pages 344–356): Paul J. WadellChapter 27 Offering: Treasuring the Creation (pages 357–373): Ben QuashChapter 28 Participating: Working toward Worship (pages 374–386): R. R. RenoChapter 29 Remembering: Offering Our Gifts (pages 387–400): D. Stephen Long and Tripp YorkChapter 30 Invoking: Globalization and Power (pages 401–414): Timothy Jarvis GorringeChapter 31 Breaking Bread: Peace and War (pages 415–426): Stanley Hauerwas and Samuel WellsChapter 32 Receiving Communion: Euthanasia, Suicide, and Letting Die (pages 427–439): Kathryn Greene?McCreightChapter 33 Sharing Communion: Hunger, Food, and Genetically Modified Foods (pages 440–452): Robert SongChapter 34 Eating Together: Friendship and Homosexuality (pages 453–465): Joel James ShumanChapter 35 Being Silent: Time in the Spirit (pages 466–478): Michael S. NorthcottChapter 36 Footwashing: Preparation for Christian Life (pages 479–490): Mark Thiessen NationChapter 37 Being Blessed: Wealth, Property, and Theft (pages 491–505): Stephen FowlChapter 38 Bearing Fruit: Conception, Children, and the Family (pages 506–518): Joseph L. ManginaChapter 39 Being Sent: Witness (pages 519–532): Michael G. CartwrightChapter 40 The Virtue of the Liturgy (pages 533–546): Jennifer A. HerdtChapter 41 Afterword (pages 547–550): Rowan Williams

Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781444396683
Year: 2013
Pages: 575
File Type: PDF

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